Specialized transport

At uni-way a/s we ship wide, long and heavy loads to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium and France - indeed, throughout Europe!
As a transport company, we have over 30 years of experience, so your goods are in safe hands with us. We take care of the necessary statutory transport permits, escort vehicles, VTL (police), ferries, securing etc.

Many types of transport

We have at our disposal, several types of specialist trailers and also work closely with our partners to meet your transportation needs.
We regard all transport operations as a challenge, which we take pride in resolving together with our Danish hauliers and drivers. As a transport company, we always strive for full customer satisfaction.

Our specializations:

  • Transport of high, wide, long and heavy goods
  • Transport of industrial plant/project transportation
  • Collections/deliveries by crane
  • Machinery/heavy equipment transport
  • Truck trailer services

See our trailer types here.

Employees Specialized Transport


Jan Fischer Rømer
Forwarding Agent/Partner

Directly: +45 9630 1718
Mobile: +45 4059 8022
E-mail jfr@uni-way.com

Bo Lysegaard
Forwarding Agent/Partner

Directly: +45 9630 1715
Mobile: +45 4126 3000
E-mail bly@uni-way.com

Niklas H. Andersen
Forwarding Agent

Directly: +45 9630 1727
Mobile: +45 4098 5054
E-mail nha@uni-way.com


Palle Simonsen
Forwarding Agent/Partner

Directly: +45 9630 1721
Mobile: +45 4057 7036
E-mail ps@uni-way.com

Lars Ø. Nayberg
Forwarding Agent

Directly: +45 9630 1726
Mobile: +45 2098 9158
E-mail ln@uni-way.com

Hans Christian Jensen
Forwarding Agent

Directly: +45 9630 1730
Mobile: +45 2510 0066
E-mail hcj@uni-way.com